About the Author

Jutta Ploessner was born in 1947 in Lauf, Bavaria, Germany. In 1982, she immigrated with her family to Canada and has lived in Edgewood, British Columbia since then.
A former Waldorf student, she completed apprenticeship as a decorateur, worked as an interior decorateur and later established a crafts business producing dolls and stuffed animals for a wholesaler for many years. During this time, she also attented writing school, taking a 3 yr. correspondence course. Soon after this, her first manuscript was accepted by the publisher she is still writing for.
Besides this, she and her spouse run a guest farm business for German tourists, taking them on backroad tours in the beautiful West Kootenays. You’ll find more information on their Guest Farm website
There, the hobby photographer is also showing some of her photographs. A few of them inspired her to write Haiku. To her, as a great nature lover, those little verses with the great message are a perfect way to lyrically express her experiences and impressions.
Right now, she’s working on the second volume of her book series as well as on the English translation. Future projects include an adventure book for kids set in 1940s Canada, a cookbook with “Recipes from the Cedar Trails Guest Farm” as well as a book and calender with nature photographs and Haiku.


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