The main characters
of the series

Richard Hartmann

46, geologist. Has published several books about his work. Will be working for mining companies after they have settled in. Likes horses and knows a lot about them. Very mellow, sometimes a dreamer.

Renate Hartmann

42, his wife. Nurse by profession. The quiet kind, likes being a housewife and mother. Likes organic gardening. Can be very strict with her kids. (and with her husband sometimes, too). Tries hard to improve her school English so she can join the Ambulance crew in a couple years.

Michael Hartmann

18, the oldest. Realistic and reliable, a good student and hard worker. Speaks English very well. Loves nature and camp-outs in the woods. After finishing High School he plans to go to College to study forest management. Hobbies: fishing and working on old cars.

Andrea Hartmann

15, the main character. Likes funky clothes, wild hairdos and stylish make-up but gets rid of them quickly when she realizes it doesn't suit the image of the Edgewood farm girl that she wants to become. Short temper, doesn't get along very well with her younger sister but does love her. Is very protective of her paralyzed twin brother. Likes to be in charge, is bossy sometimes. Works hard on the new farm. Is a good student. Likes to cook. A courageous and daring girl that doesn't know any fear.

Holger Hartmann

15, Andrea's twin brother. Got paralyzed at the age of 12 when the family had a bad car accident while vacationing in Yugoslavia. Still has nightmares about it. Needs to be in a wheelchair. A brave and good-natured boy who has accepted his fate and tries to make the best of it. Very talented, does wonderful wood carvings.

Nicole Hartmann

10, the baby. Likes to read, doesn't want to go to school, has trouble learning the new language. She admires her older sister and tries to copy her all the time which makes Andrea really mad. Has good relationship to her brothers. Is very lazy, hates any kind of work. Loves animals, but is afraid of horses, bears and spiders. Plays the Ukulele very nicely. As the serie developes she'll overcome many of her fears and learn to stand her ground.

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